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Take the hassle out of endlessly searching for


Welcome to
Trinity Travel & Tours 

we're here for you before, during, and after!

> Let us take the hassle out of endless searching for the “perfect” getaway.
> Let us be the face & voice of a trusted Advisor who will help you each step of the way.
> Let us use our knowledge & experience to navigate the complex process for you.
> Let us be the one who’s there for you should something go awry.

No website or booking engine can do that for you.

But when you allow Trinity Travel & Tours to represent you in researching and booking your travel, you will get:  a trusted advisor, personal service, and someone who will look out for your best interest. The goal is to ensure you have the best travel experience possible. 

we love booking groups. bring us your group business and save time, pay less and end the stress!



At Trinity Travel &  Tours we specialize in bucket list travel to destinations around the world  but we gladly help our clients experience any part of the world that they desire. We especially love to book vacation packages, cruises, all-inclusive resorts and group tours. So let us help you plan and book your tropical retreat; group cruise; family reunion; vacation package; honeymoon or guys/gals getaways - you won’t be disappointed. 


Specializing in bucketlist Destinations

Whether  it's Hawaii,  The Middle East, Africa or a world cruise, we do the research so you don't get lost in the endless search for the perfect vacation.

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